Business Activities

① Newbuilding broker and shiprepair agent

1.1 We have very good business relationship with a lot of newbuilding yards in Jiangsu area , Zhejiang area and other areas,which can build general cargo ship, bulk carrier, container ship, oil tanker, car carrier etc.(from 5,000dwt to 300,000dwt).

1.2 All types of drydock repair and conversion up to 300,000dwt can be carried out in the following areas of China:

North China
F.D. 340m x 66m 300,000dwt
D.D. 360m x 78m 300,000dwt
D.D. 340m x 64m 300,000dwt
Middle China
F.D. 410m x 72m 300,000dwt
F.D. 330m x 53.5m 200,000dwt
F.D. 270m x 48m 150,000dwt
D.D. 470m x 68m 300,000dwt
F.D. 340m x 52m 175,000dwt
D.D. 310m x 55m 200,000dwt
F.D. 247m x 39.8m 100,000dwt
D.D. 350m x 54m 200,000dwt
South China
F.D. 240m x 36.6m 70,000dwt
F.D. 269m x 59.25m 150,000dwt
D.D. 360m x 65m 300,000dwt

② Voyage and afloat repair

Voyage and afloat repaircan be carried out in the following ports :

North China:Caofeidian / Dalian / Lanshan / Qingdao / Qinhuangdao / Rizhao / Tianjin /YantaiYingkou

Middle China: Beilun / Jiangyin / Nantong / Taicang / Shanghai / Zhangjiagang

South China : Guangzhou / Shenzhen

③ Technical service

Maintain,inspect and repair of navigation equipment, electronic equipment ,boiler,life boat and all kinds of machinery equipment.

④ Marine spare parts and equipment supply

 Anchor and anchor chain  Winch / windlass
 Life safety equipment  Other marine fittings
 M / E spare parts with certificate from international classification society
( such as LR / GL / BV / NK / ABS and DNV )